Frankie Bones Featured on Armory Podcast

The Armory Podcast features exclusive mixes by the biggest names in bass driven music. The Armory presents episode 170 by Frankie Bones. Frankie is an originator of breakbeat music with his classic Bonesbreaks series which he started in 1988. He smashed hip-hop breaks with house to be used as a DJ tool for something fun and different. Frankie’s Armory podcast mix features new tracks from his latest Bonesbreaks albums. He has released Bonesbreaks Volume 15, 16, and 17 since fall of 2016. You can find the Armory Podcast on Soundcloud, iTunes, and Mixcloud.

Frankie Bones – Armory Podcast episode 170


1. Electropoliss

2. I Want The People To Know

3. Stomp Your Feet

4. Funky Acid Makossa (Loves The Acid Redux)

5. Techno Dot

6. Just The Way You Like It (Breaks)

7. When The Bass Drops

8. Come Closer

9. The Bridge* – MC Shan (Boiler Room Edit)

10. Behind The Curtain

11. Vamp And Clear

12. Imperial Highway

13. Long Train Running

All Tracks Produced by Frankie Bones for Bonesbreaks Volumes 15-17 on Bangin Music.


Some words from Frankie:

“All Rights Reserved By Whats Left To Preserve”

The concept of Bonesbreaks started in 1988 as a DJ Breaks/Tool which fused House Music with Breaks and became an underground sensation in the U.K. as Rave Culture took hold of the British Youth in 1988-1989 (Known as The Summer Of Love). Acid House became Top Of The Pops in the U.K. and Bonesbreaks became the calling card for Frankie Bones to play at Energy to a crowd of 25,000 people. These massive all-night open air parties only had one stage and the DJ’s would play hour long sets which were heard by everyone in attendance.

Bonesbreaks Vinyl Releases in it’s first five volumes sold between 10,000-20,000 pcs. without every being licensed to any other label or territory until 1999 when The Prodigy released “Dirtchamber Sessions” on XL Recordings. This brought attention to the entire series.

Bonesbreaks Volumes 6-12 were released between 1992-1996 with a distribution deal with Watts Music, one of America’s largest distributors in the 1990’s. These releases were limited to 5000 pcs. making them the rare editions of the bunch.

Bonesbreaks had two other editions – The Unreleased Project in 1995 & Bonesbreaks 2000 on associated labels. Bonesbreaks returned in 2016 with four new volumes – 15, 16 & 17. These Volumes are exclusive to this Armory Mix in mix form. The concept is based on a DJ career which began about 2000 Saturday Nights ago with respect to what is going to happen this Saturday Night. Attachments area

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